Crayons is proud to be partnering with Spotlight Theatre to provide camps during school breaks.  Our next camp is Fall Break camp, October 14-18 2019 from 9am to Noon with a show on Saturday Oct 19th at 2pm.  Camp fee is only $75. Students who do not have the entire week off can still enroll and will still be able to perform on Saturday. Crayons camp is for kids ages 7 to 17 and will focus on acting skills using improvisational techniques.  Improv is a scriptless for of performing and the students always have so much fun.  Studies show improv helps people with many aspects in their personal and professional lives as well as improving their abilities to audition and perform in other types of productions.

Spotlight Theatre is located in Tulsa, Ok at 1381 Riverside Dr.  Call Spotlight Theatre today to enroll your child.  Spotlight Theatre, 918-587-5030

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