Crayons Improv can come to you and help your improv group sharpen their improv skills. If you know what you need to work on we can do that or if your group is just beginning, we can help.   We’ve taught workshops on the basics of how to improvise to the new improviser, character workshops to the intermediate improviser, and improv as a business to the more seasoned improviser.  Crayons has trained at The Second City in Chicago, as well as taken workshops from top improvisers such as Susan Messing, Joe Bill, Armando Diaz, Jay A. Sukow, and Patti Stiles to name a few.


Are you a Theatre  or Speech teacher? We are also available to teach in your classroom as a guest artist. Crayons can come lead improv with your class and they can learn from experts in the field.  Improv can be daunting if you don’t have much experience in it.  Let Crayons do your improv unit for you.  Be creative!  We have lead improv workshops for all different types of classes.

Improv isn’t just fun, it helps actors learn how to think on their feet, and sharpen their acting skills. This means that improv isn’t just for actors!

We can come for one class or several.  We have created a 5 day program perfect for your High School or Middle School Performers.  At the end of the 5 days, your students can put on an improv show for parents after school or a daytime performance at school.  An improv show makes a fun fundraiser



Improv can help your Sales Department, Student Council, Human Resources, and help facilitate Corporate team building.  In addition to thinking and verbal skills, improv helps teach speaking skills and problem solving skills.  It also builds confidence in your employee or student.

Be sure to let us know dates and times of your workshop along with the location and we will check our availability.  Workshops in town are only $100 an hour if the group size is under 50 people.  Over 50 people, will be $200 an hour to offer more teachers to come out.  If your workshop takes place more than 30 miles from downtown Tulsa, there will be a travel fee of .50 a mile there and back.  For far out of town workshops, or late workshops that require an overnight stay, we will require a lodging fee.  You can also email us:  or call us directly (918)557-5616


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