Private Events

Crayons is perfect for your special event because we create a unique show catered specifically to your event. For instance if your event has a specific theme or if it’s to honor a specific person or couple we will create a show around your theme or one that is all about the person of honor.  We love using audience participation, but if that’s not your thing, we will create a show without it.

Crayons Improv is perfect for Birthday Parties, Weddings, Corporate Events, Office parties etc.  Great for anything that needs entertainment for a crowd. Crayons specializes in all ages comedy, So, we are great for all types of events. We wouldn’t do anything that would make grandma blush. We’ve done sets as short as 15 minutes and as long as 3 hours, however for most events anywhere from 30 minutes to an Hour is typical. To have the BEST idea of what we can do, we suggest attending a public show, second Fridays in Broken Arrow.  Contact us for a complimentary ticket. (Let us know you are checking us out for a private event) If you’re not sure if your event is right for Crayons, consider the event space.  Currently, Crayons can only go to you and where your event is held, we have no event space.  Is there space for a performance of 3 to 6 actors? It doesn’t have to be an elevated platform, but an open space of at least 4ft  by 6ft should suffice (and larger would be helpful!) Will there be a captive audience? (Seated, able to hear, not distracted by screens or music)  If your venue is very large, keep in mind the audience needs to hear.  We do not have sound equipment so that will need to be provided by you the client or the venue unless it’s a very small space with good acoustics.

If you are a church or a non-profit, please contact us.  We would love to give you a special rate.


If you would like to know if Crayons is available to do your event, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you ASAP.  It will be important to know the time and place of the event.  We will travel if its outside of Oklahoma.



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