Anna Bennett

Anna Bennett is a recent graduate of the University of Tulsa, where she earned a BA in Film Studies alongside minors in Theatre and Dance and a Certificate in Creative Writing. Everyone knows Improv was her real major, though. She performed with Spiked Punch Lines Improv for the entirety of her 4-year stint at TU, serving as President and Advertising Director. Her other comic claim to fame at TU was the State-Run Media, the Collegian’s satirical and often offensive humor section, which she ran during her senior year.
In addition to being really gosh darn hilarious, Anna is also an actor, dancer, director and writer. She recently completed her first feature film, 918: A Place to Call Home, which was created entirely of improvised scenes and featured fellow Crayons cast members, Evan Fenska and Beth Geatches. This year, Anna won first place awards for both Prose and Performance Writing in the Stylus journal. Her choreography has appeared in the eMerge site-specific dance festival and in TU’s most recent dance concert.
Anna is currently freelancing, living with her parents and watching a lot of Star Trek.

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